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Born and raised in the Texas' Weirdest City, Austin, Jesse Barron (aka Pooh, Purp, PurpLipp+) could be described in short as authentically eclectic.


PurpLipp+ has often found himself on dark paths. Simultaneously trying to break generational curses, his diverse environment has spilled over into his creative outlets. PurpLipp+ chooses to focus on the positives life has to offer (hence the “+” in his name). Evidenced by his music’s versatility and authentic aesthetics Purp is creating his own path.


With styles that resemble a magnitude of influence (Kendrick, Biggie Smalls, Pimp C, Tupac, Z-Ro etc.) this Texas raised rapper boasts can be heard from depths of the trap to edges of space in your favorite video game's soundtrack!

Top Purp


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Hereditary+ (ft. PurpLipp+)


Are U Okay? (Gettn High)

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